This winter's face-numbing frigid temperatures precipitates a rise in illness and fatalities. Even warm-weather states are pummeled by record rainfall and snow in higher elevations. Curling up in the fetal position beneath your 10-pound down comforter might not be enough to generate enough warmth. Here are a few easy-to-follow suggestions on how to help the mind and body get well faster during the dreaded flu season.

Anti-inflammatory remedies are indispensable during this time of year. Remedies extracted from herbs and berries are extremely potent without the side effects and bitter taste. Trader Joe's Organic Ginger and Tumeric Tea is delightfully fresh with a mild citrus scent. It leaves a lingering warmth and sweet aftertaste. Honey is optional but in my opinion, unnecessary. The soothing and vibrant yellow liquid is ideal for someone with a sore throat or cough-related conditions. Ginger soothes throat swelling and stomach sensitivities like indigestion and nausea while Tumeric fights inflammation, allowing for a speedy recuperation. Tumeric also aids in muscle recovery from aches and pains caused by illness or grueling physical activity. Another cold-weather drink that helps soothe stomach discomfort is Trader Joe's Peppermint Herbal Tea. Those with acid reflux and bloating problems find this herbal mix delicious and calming. Another unexpectedly rejuvenating beverage is Ikea's Linggonberry syrup. A teaspoon of this ruby-red concentrate mixed with a large glass of iced water is simply delectable. The slightly tart fruit has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties. It's been used to treat urinary tract infections, arthritis and a myriad of other conditions. Many underestimate the power that edibles have to treat our bodies. These may not be as chemically active as certain drugs but they could most certainly serve as supplements to encourage the body to fight on its own. Always make sure to seek the advice of a medical professional when assessing which treatments and holistic supplements suit your needs.

Never underestimate how your mental and emotional state can greatly affect your physical condition. A Netflix documentary entitled Heal explores the mind-body connection when it comes to recovering from injury and disease. The film features individuals with stage 4 cancer and spinal injuries who found alternative ways to treat themselves.

For ten years Dr. Kelly Turner has been studying radical remissions which involve individuals whose cancer cells spontaneously disappear. In the documentary, she cites 9 factors that appear to play a role in the recovery of 1,500 participants, regardless of what cancer-type they were battling. This coveted list includes:

  1. diet changes
  2. taking control of your health
  3. trusting intuition
  4. using herbs and supplements
  5. releasing repressed feelings
  6. positivity
  7. reaching out for help
  8. spirituality
  9. will to live

Turner points out that only 2 of these tools are physical. The piece clearly identifies the indelible mind-body connection. Findings like this remind us that we need to take a holistic approach in medicine. Don't neglect the mental and emotional aspects of yourself. Some physicians believe that stress is the main cause of disease. This concept challenges the conventional approach that many professionals take in rehabilitating patients. Preventing emotional distress and mental clutter are both tasks that many of us are fully capable of doing. We neglect our mental and emotional state because we lose site of what matters while amidst the cacophony of lectures and discourse that plague out chaotic lifestyle.

Meditation, psychotherapy and outside support are crucial in reestablishing overall well-being. Each of our cells, including the diseased ones, are all a part of us. Faith, willpower and emotional fortitude are immense sources of positivity that get passed on to all cells. Something as simple as taking a deep breath on a rough day can help feed more oxygen into your body, increasing circulation and encouraging your cells to deliver much needed nutrients and chemicals allowing it to restore balance. Simple acts of self-love and kindness get shrugged off because we get caught up in work deadlines, personal drama and a number of other factors that we clearly can't control. All of that is wasted energy. Focus on the present moment and the things that you do have control over like your mind and your body.

This article may not change your outlook on self-care in ten minutes but it could serve as a voice of reason reminding you that the simplest answers are right there. The power to restore balance and health is within your grasp. It might even be easier and tastier that you expect.

Photos by: Kate Stone Matheson, Hilary Hahn

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