Looking for a series with substance to watch this holiday break? A treasure hunt lasting two hundred and twenty years is now on television, inviting viewers to witness groundbreaking discoveries that might just rewrite history. Two brothers from Michigan embark on an elusive quest to solve the mystery behind The Curse of Oak Island. Legend states that seven must die before the island reveals a great treasure.

This is unlike any broadcast you've seen before. The hunt spans across continents and generations. Members of the team travel long distances in pursuit of solving the island's perplexing revelations. The show features well-renowned scholars who vividly illustrate a progression of events that lead back to the shores of the mysterious North American island. Cue animated graphics that plot out a timeline, highlighting pivotal points in the past. Then, it cuts to a reenactment depicting a Spanish galleon caught in a swirling fury of an angry sea. Just like that, it pulls you in.

The History channel program clearly doesn't fit the superficial reality show stereotype, this one portrays genuine connections. Rick and Marty Lagina are authentic, smart and relatable. Viewers see them connect with the team, their nephews, as well as treasure hunters who came before them. There is a moving scene between a teary-eyed Rick and Leelamb Restall, who lost family members to this ruthless quest. She passes on her brother's journal to aid them on their journey. Behind the long-drawn pursuit are real people revealing a small slice of their life to audiences.

The centuries-long expedition demands a considerable amount of investment. Rick's passion for finding answers has led to many scholarly connections that continues to help direct the team's pursuits. Marty's engineering and business background helps support the more technical side of this endeavor. Rick is the passionate beating heart of the group while Marty serves as the analytical thinker. With their combined knowledge and resources, the team is able to efficiently implement historical know-how and sophisticated equipment to unravel the island's secrets. They've made earth-shattering discoveries as faraway as France. They continue to utilize large-scale machinery to remove obstructions that hinder them from getting to the truth. It all started out as a childhood dream of finding out what happened on those murky shores. Years of relentless dedication and hard work has led them to this pivotal point in the quest to solving the mystery.

The Curse of Oak Island is propelled to success by the incredible artifacts that continue to be unearthed, as well as their compelling ties to history. It is astounding to witness the show grapple with evidence that allude to a myriad of possibilities assumed to be mere myth. Everything from the original manuscripts of Sir Francis Bacon, to gold hidden by pirates and Spanish naval ships, are said to be hidden beneath the soil. Even the jewels of Marie Antoinette are believed to be buried there. Structures housing part of the treasure are thought to be built by French and Portuguese Templar Knights. All of these historical figures play a part in enriching the tale that make this island legendary.

The family friendly show takes us on a journey through history. Treasures, pirates and secret societies come to life. Except this time, documented history corroborates with tall tales that turn out to be truer previously thought.


Curse of Oak Island Website

Photos by Ylanite KoppensAndreea Swank

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