Before running to a therapist or gulping a handful of Xanax, try this. Take two deep breaths. After oxygenating your brain for a few seconds, give this article a quick glance. You might be pleasantly surprised by how simple these proposed solutions are. Whether you deal with stress sporadically or continuously, these three tips are meant to empower you to take back control.

Be more mindful of what goes into your mouth. Switch out caffeinated drinks (espresso, soda and dark teas) for chamomile tea. Caffeine invokes anxiety attacks by triggering rapid heartbeat, sweat and nausea (Webmd article). Chamomile contains a compound called epigenin which is known to combat these symptoms by inducing relaxation and sleep, while alleviating signs of depression (Detroit news article). Instead of sugary desserts (simple carbs), treat yourself to a bowl of sweet potato fries (complex carbs). Fiber-rich complex carbohydrates stabilize the mood by evening sugar levels. Stop using toothpaste with fluoride. Overtime, fluoride can cause a buildup in the pineal gland, preventing it from producing enough melatonin. This hormone regulates wakefulness, allowing for a healthier sleep cycle. One particular brand that offers a wide range of fluoride free toothpastes is Kiss My Face. Taking control of your diet  and hygiene is one way to ward off unforeseen panic episodes.

Heal yourself at an energetic level. The ancient indian healing system of ayurveda also recommends sweet potatoes as a remedy, but for a vastly different reason. Root crops ground imbalanced vata energy. This imbalance is a common cause of anxiety (Yogi Surprise article). Our bodies hold the three energies of kapha (earth), pitta (fire, water) and vata (air). Keeping these three forces in check prevents persistent panic attacks. Ayurveda employs the strategic intake of herbs like turmeric, and choosing foods based on their cooling or warming energetic properties. Plot out a regimen based on your dosha/s by checking online resources like Goop. Consulting with an ayurvedic practitioner can give you more detailed insights on your unique make up.

Implement alternative techniques like yoga and meditation to supplement your recovery. Both methods utilize the breath to heal and strengthen. Proper use of various breathing methods can maintain emotional balance and improve mental clarity. It can also release muscle tension, relax the nervous system and regulate the heart (Conscious Lifestyle Mag article). Simultaneously caring for your body, mind and spirit creates an impenetrable shield to block distress.

The key to defeating mental and emotional turmoil is treating all aspects of yourself. We need to be willing to make changes in diet, lifestyle and mindset. It takes initiative to tackle it head on and diligence to keep it from coming back.

Photos by: Radu Florin & Eneko Urunuela

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