On the hunt for a simple ingredient to replace your bottles of chemical-laden skin care products? Tired of implementing the twelve-step, triple cleansing, double serum method, after a fifteen hour work day? Yep, you still have leftover mascara on the outside corners of your eyes. Look no further.

Rosehip oil is considered one of the most effective multi-purpose ingredients. This plant-based oil is extracted from the seeds of tiny fruits that develop inside roses. It has a unique pear-like shape, which makes it look like it has protruding hips, hence the name rosehip.

The precious amber-colored liquid is adept in killing acne-causing bacteria, thanks to its antimicrobial properties. Rosehip's phenolic compounds kill bacteria while its antioxidants, vitamin C and E, scavenge for free-radicals. This is essentially the dream team when faced with adult breakouts. One group of chemicals enables the skin to fight off unwanted acne that's been camping out on your face, while the other crew battles the free-radicals that initiate the aging process by breaking down cells. It's like having a great defense with an equally superb offense, all packed into tiny little droplets of potent plant extracts.

This workhorse also takes care of the persistent scars after the acne bacteria has left the premises. It evens out spots and dark patches with the aid of a flavonoid (plant pigment) called quercetin and vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Both agents lighten the skin by inhibiting tyrosinase activity. Hydroquinone, a topical treatment prescribed by doctors, treats melasma in a similar manner. However, the more natural alternatives don't expose the user to risky side effects like hydroquinone does. These include skin irritation and severe discoloration. Using rosehip essential oil is a safer way to heal dark spots without causing any additional harm (U.S. National Library of Medicine articleInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences).

Rosehip also refines the skin's texture and heals injuries by encouraging cell turnover. It attributes these unique qualities to one ingredient, tretinoic acid. This is the active ingredient found in Retin-A. Dermatologists prescribe Retin-A for healing acne, smoothing wrinkles and healing old scars. As Retin-A's distant all-natural cousin, this liquid gold is extremely effective in delivering visible results (research article).

Unlike Retin-A, rosehip oil is extremely gentle. It doesn't cause peeling, swelling or redness. The essential oil is emollient but not comedogenic. It is especially soothing for those with sensitive skin. The lipid composition of this oil conforms to the needs of those looking to treat an imbalance in sebum production. Rosehip is abundant in linoleic acid which oily acne-prone skin is deficient in. Unlike most face oils, it is low in oleic acid which stimulates an overproduction of acne-causing sebum. Its rebalancing composition shrinks clogged pores and restores the skin back to health (Byrdie article). This dry oil absorbs more quickly because of its lipid structure and watery consistency. This soothing but effective wonder is an ideal daily moisturizer for those with temperamental skin.

My favorite brand of rosehip oil is Trilogy, which is available at Wholefoods. Different brands use different strains of this oil. They all come in different shades of yellow and with varying viscosity. Trilogy's exquisite rosehip oil comes in a deeper shade of amber with a rich woodsy crisp smell.  It is the finest quality face oil that I've tried.

Using clever marketing and advertising tactics, the beauty industry cunningly tries to convince us that we need a million concoctions, with mile long ingredient lists, in order to get a flawless complexion. We forget that mother nature makes the purest and most potent plant-derived extracts, that heal and protect us without the added harmful chemicals. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on exfoliating acids, moisturizers, and skin brightening serums, pick up a tiny bottle of rosehip oil. 

Photo by: Christin Hume & Pixabay

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